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A very close look at an artificial wig reveals confusion at the base of the hair. Why not?

– Hair at the base of the wig is specially mixed to hide the base of the wig. And what’s important is that it gives the hair volume in this way. But at just a short distance, this confusion is not visible. Hair is absolutely natural

Do wigs have size?

Artificial wigs have one medium-to-standard size.

But natural wigs have different sizes, hats are sewn on each size separately. Therefore, natural wigs, especially handmade, fit perfectly

How long will an artificial wig last?

It will last more than two years, but it also needs to be cared for. As well as a natural wig

Do wigs spoil their hair?

No, they don’t. The basis of the wig is made in such a way that it allows the scalp to breathe. The air penetrates under the wig and the head does not sweat.

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