What is Montour made from? (Wig cap)

Monofilament is a transparent, dense material on the top of the wig that mimics the scalp. The hairs are attached to it manually, which creates the appearance of natural growth. It happens: for the whole darkness; on the crown or parting (for ease and lower cost of the wig); double (softer and not transparent); In caps completely made of monofilament […]

Is a wig fashionable?

The popularity of wigs is growing every year, and not only among women. Men, as well, with pleasure, like to change their image. And what about movie stars and pop stars, models and just famous personalities. Such a thing as a wig will be useful to those who constantly change their image. Therefore, you can safely say that the wig […]

Question answer

A very close look at an artificial wig reveals confusion at the base of the hair. Why not? – Hair at the base of the wig is specially mixed to hide the base of the wig. And what’s important is that it gives the hair volume in this way. But at just a short distance, this confusion is not visible. […]

Why is false tail always popular?

Why is false tail always popular? The fastest hairstyle Saves laying time Slim woman silhouette Minimal care Easy to put on False tails or hairpieces can be on the crab and on the ribbon. A natural false tail on a ribbon (chignon) instantly lengthens your hair and gives it volume. Using a natural false tail on the tape you save […]

How to choose a natural wig?

At the word wig – fantasy immediately draws the image of a luxurious girl with thick long hair. But, thanks to wigs, we can change every day. After all, this is exactly what a woman wants – to remain a mystery. And others will solve it It is no secret to anyone that a wig for a woman is part […]

What determines the price of a natural wig?

The most expensive wigs are handmade wigs. From unpainted Slavic hair of natural color. Yes, this is natural hair that has undergone a thorough and lengthy treatment, starting from sorting by thickness and length, and ending with their disinfection, washing and drying. Each hair is woven manually. This is a very painstaking and lengthy work. In these wigs, an imitation […]

Let’s talk about hair extensions

A lot of people are interested in natural hair pads. Of course, if you decide to buy an overlay of natural hair, you need to take the choice very seriously. After all, the pad is a purchase for several years. The second name for the lining is a semi-wig. Pads are of two types: the parietal zone and the occipital. […]

Thermofiber – what is it?

Thermofiber (heat-resistant artificial hair) withstands temperatures up to 180 degrees. It can be curled or straightened with an iron. Also, this fiber does not have artificial shine, so it looks like natural hair. Thermofiber wigs are more beautiful than simple wigs and last longer. You often ask, what is the difference between artificial hair and thermofiber from Kanekalon. Kanekalon is […]